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Make Money Online Without Any Experience (Part-2)

Make Money Online Without Any Experience (Part-2)

Many people have said about this in episode 2 to say everything so today I came up with this post for those who have not seen the previous post.

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What I got from Youtube –

When I was not getting anything from anything, I thought I would start YouTube now. I started and named the channel after seeing mohin360 Sohag Bhai. As I said before on the channel, there were no 1000 subscriptions or any condition for monetization. When my channel has 400 subscribers, I apply for monetization. You can make income from AdMob by making apps as a friend while you are in monetization review. He also connects the VPN and clicks on his own ad.

I started, I created an app, I opened the AdSense for Youtube, I took the ad from the AdMob of the AdSense, put it in the app, and clicked it automatically with VPN. In just 7-8 days, about ড 60 is deposited in AdSense. I am very happy to have so much money in such a short time but one morning I woke up and saw Adsense disabled. I went to YouTube and saw that the text on the monetization page was disabled.

Gone is my YouTube because the new AdSense can no longer be added to this channel. I also learned from this that it is not possible to stay in one of the two boats.

Another lesson I learned is that earning income is not so easy that if you click on your own ad, they will give me money like a fool. Keep in mind that Google knows that many people can do such illegal things and so they monitor these things in advance.

Anyway, this is how I got my mind from YouTube, I don’t get monetization on the channel that works with many dreams, as if I lost interest in working anew. I want to open a new channel and work when I can.


(Part - 2) Make thousands of rupees a month online without any experience

I ate bash from all sides and went to a friend in cryptocurrency. I used to airdrop there every day because it was like following comments on various social media. I work in crypto for 6 months and in 6 months I can earn about 25-30 thousand rupees with some of which I bought the mobile phone and spent the rest myself.

Note: I didn’t get all the money at once, but I got 300, 500, 1000 from one by one. I got 5 thousand rupees at once. This was the biggest amount online. Gradually the work of the airdrop also stopped. Then I was vegetarian and did nothing.


(Part - 2) Make thousands of rupees a month online without any experience

Absolutely cut off from online. I had to open a website on the blog and post it every 10-15 days. I get Adsense in it but I don’t earn money because I can’t get money only if I get Adsense. I have to have visitors to the site. Still, I’m coming to get something. And yes someone asked what I do now. I finished my diploma and am looking for a job this year. However, I am not leaving online. I will keep trying.

Some words:

I have come to lose again and again but I am also coming to get something new again. Remember, losing doesn’t mean losing. You are learning something new from each loss. You are getting stronger and stronger. Your knowledge is increasing. Losing does not mean the end! Losing means preparing yourself better and moving forward.

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Make Money Online Without Any Experience (Part-2)


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