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Nokri – Job Board Native Android App GPL

Nokri Android App v2.2.3

Nokri – Job Board Native Android App is an advanced Job Board Android app with GPL. It has all the features needed to create a successful job portal website.

Nokri is a complete and easy-to-use job listing website. Using the Nokri Job Board Native Android app you can create a complete and fully responsive job portal, a career platform for running human resource management, recruitment, freelancing, or job posting websites. A complete job board app with separate panels for employers and candidates.

The panels come with convenient search filters that can easily handle everything. Job Board Native Android app has both Android and iOS applications available. Get the apps and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Pages include:

  • Splash page
  • Sign in / Sign up (also social login)
  • Job post
  • Search
  • Job details
  • Profile
  • And many more nice features


  • Push notification
  • InApp Shopping, Stripe, PayPal
  • Google Analytics
  • Admob Integrated
  • Multi-currency front end added
  • New User Registration Verification
  • Easy job expires
  • Google map location
  • Featured jobs
  • Term of expiry of employment
  • Free and paid package admin control
  • Auto / manual work approval
  • Google map location
  • Related jobs
  • Job-status
  • Location-based search
  • Featured job-based search
  • Title based search
  • Sidebar widget
  • Category-based search
  • Lang. Translation ready
  • Clean code
  • Easy to customize
  • Targeted advertising spots
  • List of jobs, candidates, and companies
  • Login and register the model
  • Well managed documentation

Here is the live documentation link Click here
Note: This application can only be used with Nokri Job Board WordPress Theme.

Note: The application does not include the price of the product set up. You can set it up yourself or hire our technician to do it for you but it will be a paid job.

Note: We do not provide support for any type of adult website. You can go ahead if you want to buy, but don’t expect support for illegal or adult websites. Thanks

Demo app and login account

Demo App Link to Play Store: Download

Company Demo Account:
Email: [email protected]
Password: company123

Candidate Demo Account:
Email: [email protected]
Password: candidate123

 Download Nokri Android App v2.2.3

Update history

Change Logs / Updates: v 2.2.4 April 6, 2021


1) Minor issues have been fixed

Changelog /Nokri Android App v2.2.3

Update: v 2.2.3 —— January 12th, 2021
1) Candidate’s scheduled time and/or working day.
2) Candidate rating from the employer.
3) Nearby works including job description page on / off.
4) Recommend a strong password at registration.
5) When registering the profile option pub / private in theme options.
6) Subscribe to the newsletter when turning on / off registration in user settings.
7) Restrict employers and candidates to purchase a free package after allocating them at the time of registration.
8) Hide company follows button displayed on all employers page.
9) Feedback/welcome email to the candidate while applying for the job.
Change Log / Update: v 2.2.2 —— November 26, 2020


1) WPML compatible
2) Featured options for the employer.
3) Featured profile of the candidate.
4) Terrain for job search.
5) Bump up work.
6) Admin may limit job expiration date when a job posting is on / off.
7) Title cannot be changed after job post with on / off.
8) Upload live resume video directly instead of on / off-link.
9) Paid work email alerts for on / off employees.
10) On / off as candidate’s skill tag.
11) Create a warning from the dashboard.
12) Order auto-approval theme options with on / off
13) Upload CV while applying for job Required / Optional / Hide-fields.
14) WhatsApp job application
15) Candidates can see the status of the job application.
Change Logs / Updates: v 2.2.1 —— September 8, 2020

1. Apply the Linked In the dialog
2. Push notification for work alert
3. Link the logout warning dialog
4. Free package at the beginning
5. If there is no video in the portfolio section, hide the portfolio.
6. Hide map functionality from each screen
7. Redirect to sign in when applying for a job without login.
8. Add salary options.
9. Worklist new design

1. Custom field issues have been fixed in the updated profile
2. Work position errors have been resolved
3. Job post-issue after job editing

Change Logs / Updates: v 2.2.0 —— 2nd July, 2020
1) Category-based job post template
2) Four-level custom position in employer profile
3) Find the employer by location
4) Employer search by specialization
5) Candidate video resume option
6) Apply for the job without enabling/disabling login
07) Email work to someone who enables/disables
08) The employer can save the resume
09) Date verification
10) Add the Save Job button to the details page
11) Job alerts
12) Auto Candidate Advice
13) Candidate package to apply
14) Candidate featured profile package base
15) Candidate Package
16) Featured Candidates
17) Employer portfolio
18) Employer video options
20) Custom field for registration form
21) Custom fields for candidate profile
22) Custom field for employer profile
23) Work alert options for the following companies and all companies
24) Upload CV from all CV tabs
25) CV scoring
26) Custom labels and placeholders for candidate profiles
27) Custom labels and placeholders for employers’ profiles
28) Questions have been added to the job post with the active-passive option
29) Default button option during registration
30) Upload CV at the time of application
31) Resume download option with a package base in the combined resume
32) Enable/disable download option in candidate’s public profile
33) Option of candidate eligibility
34) Filter candidates according to the salary range
35) Filter candidates according to salary type
36) Filter candidates by salary coin
37) Filter candidates by gender
38) Filter candidates by title
39) Filter the candidates according to their qualifications
40) Hide / show map in candidate / employer profile
41) Style fixes

Change Logs / Updates: v 2.1.0 —— January 8, 2020
1) Detailed problem of work.
2) Login to LinkedIn and apply for the job.
3) Advanced search and candidate search issues have been fixed.
4) Picture problem solved.
5) Edit post-work problem-solving.
6) The post-job problem has been fixed.
7) Package issues fixed.

Change Logs / Updates: v 2.0 —— 15th May, 2019
1) Added search function feature using radius.
2) Home 1 design has been changed.
3) Added Blog Show / Hide feature.
4) New house 2 added.
5) Blog design has changed.
6) Sign up and sign in screen design has changed
7) Forget password The screen layout has been changed.
8) Advanced search design has changed.
9) Added search filter.
10) Fixed upload and download resume.
11) Minor bugs have been fixed.

Changelog / Update: v 1.1.7 —— February 28th, 2019
1) Jobs have been added for you in the candidate
2) Contact us has been added to the public profile of the candidate and company
3) Package Validation text has been added to the package details
4) New Google Places API implementation has been added because the previous SDK is now neglected.

Changelog / Update: v 1.1.6 —— 1st February, 2019
1) Reset password removed and delete the icon from the dashboard to edit personal information for both candidate and employer.
2) The remaining candidate searches have been added to the Buy Package screen
3) Correct spelling mistakes.
4) Added placeholders in the toolbar edit text
5) Linkedin Mobile SDK is now neglected Implement a solution. You must provide two additional values ​​to (LINKEDIN_CLIENT_ID, LINKEDIN_CLIENT_SECRET)

Change Log / Update: v 1.1.4 January 29, 2019
1) Edit candidate profile title change.
2) Apply Button / LinkedIn to save job button visible only to candidates
3) Follow the hidden buttons for a company when inspecting company profiles
4) Fixed translation problem.

Change Log / Update: v 1.1.3 ——11 January, 2019
1) Removed candidate search from guest login.
2) Cover letter option has been added to the resume found on the job description page.
3) Take action-related status
4) Added free package options.
5) Change the date format in the established company.
6) Modified text options for city-states of the country.
7) Candidate searches can now be set up for payment.
8) Terms link has been added to the app sign-up.
9) The format of the date of birth has been changed in the client’s personal information update
10) Modified text of pop-up when deleting work on saved work screen.
11) Fixed push notification design problem.
12) Added the option to mark the current location on Google Maps.
13) The app name is changed from the toolbar text home on the home screen.
14) Job now shows job expiration date instead of job post date.
15) The Privacy Policy has been relocated to the Terms section.

Change Logs / Updates: v 1.1.0 ——December 13, 2018
1) Video portfolio option has been added via YouTube API.
2) Added an option to personalize the account for both the candidate and the employer.
3) Skills have been added with a percentage option for candidates with a progress bar.
4) The search candidate option has been removed from a candidate.
5) Added an option for job sharing on social media.
6) Added job search by country in Explore tab.

1). Auto-resize work slider text has been created on the home screen to accommodate limited space.
2). Blog design has been changed on the home screen.
3). Fixed tabs on the purchase package and job description screen.
4). Advanced design of rich editors in company editing profile.
5). Changing the color of the app now changes the color of about 90% of the app.
Change Logs / Updates: v 1.0.8 November 13, 2018


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