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Rajasthan Royals want to set up an academy in Bangladesh

 Rajasthan Royals want to set up an academy in Bangladesh

Officials of Rajasthan Royals, an IPL franchise team, suddenly visited the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur today. Today, some officials of Rajasthan Royals suddenly came to the country. They toured the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) officials were with them at the time.

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) CEO Nizam Uddin Chowdhury Sujan, Grounds and Facilities Department Senior Manager Syed Abdul Baten and many others toured the various facilities of Home of Cricket Mirpur.

They have come to Bangladesh today to make Bangladesh an academic. Rajasthan Royals want to set up an academy called Royal Academy in Bangladesh. Mirpur Cricket Stadium has been much liked by the delegation.

Rajasthan Royals chairman Ranjit said he wanted to establish a royal academy in Bangladesh. ‘We want to set up an academy in Bangladesh. Whose name will be Royal Academy? Although it is still in thought. But we are anxious to implement the plan. ”

“I have always supported Bangladesh cricket. I was involved in the 1986 Asia Cup in Bangladesh, I sponsored. I am very happy to come to Bangladesh again.

Secondly, I came here to visit the stadium to see how we can co-operate between the districts and northeastern areas of Bangladesh and how we can do exchange programs.

I am proud to be the chairman of Rajasthan Royals. I took Nafis (Nafis Iqbal), I took Mustafiz. Hopefully, he will play for us, even though his country is in charge first, then Rajasthan Royals. ‘


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