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Travel: Amritsar is a paradise of street food for food lovers

Travel: Amritsar is a paradise of street food for food lovers

Amritsar is a famous city in the Punjab of India. If travelers go there, two things will match. The stunning beauty of the Golden Temple and the tongue-in-cheek street food shops are scattered throughout the city. So this city is like a paradise for food-loving tourists.

Absolutely fresh and varied recipes can be found in the street food shops of this city. Everything is incomparable in terms of taste. So don’t go there once. If you go, find out about some of the famous street food shops.

1. Gianni T Stall

Garmin Singh has been running this tea shop successfully for the last 58 years. There has never been a shortage of buyers here. Rather increased. Absolutely the perfect recipe for hot creamy delicious tea he has secretly kept right. If you taste this tea, don’t forget it forever.

2. Makhan ka Dhaba

Playing butter dhaba will not make your stomach grow. A layer of spicy butter on top of the bone-free fresh fish will give you a unique taste. The inside is crisp and the outside is golden, which will bring water to the tongue. The price of food in this ‘Makhan Ka Dhaba’ is a little higher.

3. Beautiful meat shop

You will smell your nose before you see the food here. You will get hungry immediately. Owns the best kebab spell in town. With 70 years of experience, the store has been successfully running to the satisfaction of the people.

4. Chawla’s Chicken

It has several branches. The branches have spread their fame all over India. This huge trail starts from Lawrence Road. It is not too far from Bonsal Suites. The most popular chain of street food. Their cream cannot be compared to chicken. The great delicious and unique recipe has given it the title of the best food.

5. Ahujar Kesar Wali Lachchi

The picture may have floated in your head. The look of all the lashes is almost the same. But its taste is the most different. A glass of cold Ahujar Kesar Wali Lachchi can take you to heaven in the middle of wandering. If you drink one glass, you may not be able to get another glass.

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Travel: Amritsar is a paradise of street food for food lovers


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