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Walton’s new phone with a powerful flashlight

Walton’s new phone with a powerful flashlight

Walton has released a new feature phone of the MM 16 model. It uses a powerful LED flashlight. Which will work for the customer as a beacon in the dark. Traffic will be safe in the dark of night. Walton’s new phone with a powerful flashlight

This feature phone uses a 1600 mAh Li-ion battery. Which will give a long-time power backup. You can talk for a long time, use the flashlight, browse the internet, watch videos or listen to music.

The new mobile phone is available at all Walton Plaza, brands, and retail outlets across the country. The price is only 1090 rupees. The attractive design of the phone comes in several different colors. It has one year of free after-sales service.

Asifur Rahman Khan, head of Walton’s cellular phone marketing department, said it was the most powerful flashlight-enabled mobile phone in the country’s market. For those who want a feature phone rich in battery backup for a long time, this MM16 model mobile phone is suitable.

The dual SIM phone has a 2.4-inch bright resolution screen. Up to 32 GB of expanded memory can be used in this phone to save songs, photos or videos of the customer’s choice.

Torch or keypad lights can be used for the call or message notifications. This phone has the advantage of being blacklisted to stop calls from annoying and unwanted numbers. There is a built-in Facebook with internet access. With Bluetooth, files can be exchanged easily. It also has the facility of automatic call recording.

Among the special features of the phone are power-saving mode, digital camera, MP3, MP4 and 3GP player. There is a wireless FM radio with recording. Which will run without earphones or headphones. There are sound and video recording facilities.

Walton’s new phone with a powerful flashlight



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