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What is a motherboard?

Learn about the functions and different parts of the motherboard

Each computer has a separate motherboard. This motherboard performs all the important functions of a computer. In today’s post, we will learn about motherboards.

What is a motherboard?

The motherboard is a part of the computer’s CPU, like the start and flat board. The motherboard absorbs electrical energy and connects different parts of the computer, creating a platform.

A motherboard contains a variety of technologies, such as a CPU, hard drive, memory, video card, etc.

What is on the motherboard?

There are many types of technology on a motherboard, some of which are described below:

1. Ram: Ram plays a very important role in a motherboard. Ram is needed to open various computer software.

2. CPU Fan: There are many types of technology in the CPU, in which electricity flows. These technologies continue to heat up due to the flow of electricity. And the CPU fan plays an important role in reducing this heat and running the CPU smoothly.

3. North-Bridge: North-Bridge is a type of controller that connects the CPU to the computer with memory via various cables or front-side buses.

4. South Bridge: A controller like South Bridge and North Bridge. However, it controls the computer’s input and output devices.

5. Processor: The processor is very important for a motherboard. When a computer issues a command, it processes different parts of the processor’s motherboard and transmits information according to that command.

6. Motherboard Requirements:
A motherboard plays a very important role in managing a computer completely. A computer without a motherboard is almost or completely obsolete. If you give a command to a computer other than the motherboard, the computer will not respond.

Because the necessary components of a computer are set in the motherboard. And if they are not there, then it is normal for the computer not to work.

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