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What phone do the world’s great statesmen use?

What phone do the world’s great statesmen use?

In 2018, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. And the state leaders are no exception. When it comes to the question of privacy on smartphones, how do the world’s number one citizens protect the privacy of their smartphones? Some people use special phones while others put a separate protective shield on the current phone in the market. Let’s see what phones some of the world’s most powerful statesmen use.

Barack Obama

Obama uses a BlackBerry smartphone. The price of this phone is 3000 US dollars. This phone does not have any WhatsApp or selfie camera. There are no games or text features in this BlackBerry. Multiple encryption systems have been used to protect this phone.

Narendra Modi

Modi is a fan of Apple devices. Experts say the selfie he posted after winning the Lok Sabha election was taken on an Apple device. He also always has an iPad and laptop with him. However, it is not yet known what kind of security system is installed on this device.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary uses a BlackBerry phone. He always has a BlackBerry in his hand.

Vladimir Putin

Putin himself has repeatedly said that he does not use any smartphone for security reasons. However, it is known that he used a GLONASS 945 Android phone.

British royal family

Everyone in this family likes to use Apple devices. The Queen herself gave various instructions from the iPad.

Nawaz Sharif

According to a report, Sharif used a BlackBerry phone. He also likes to be online on BlackBerry Messenger.

David Cameron

Cameron is also a BlackBerry fan. He uses an encrypted phone.

Kim Jong Un

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Many think he uses an HTC Butterfly.

Angela Merkel

Merkel uses two phones. A Nokia 7260 and a BlackBerry Z10.

Francois Holland

The President of France uses an iPhone for his own business.

Source: One India


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