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Why such a strange naming of a mango?

Why such a strange naming of a mango?

Mango season is going on. Ripe mangoes are now available in the market. However, even though we like to eat mango, we never question why mango has such a strange name.

Mango is a beautiful name. Langra, Fazli,Lakkhonbhog and Gopalbhog. These strange names of mango have been carrying aristocracy for many years. But history is behind the naming of every mango.

Let’s know the reason for the name.


This mango cultivation started in Dwarbhanga during the Mughal period. But then no one bothered with its name. Later in the eighteenth century, a fakir cultivated this very tasty mango. That fakir had a little problem with his legs. From then on, the name of that mango became ‘Langra’.


It is said that in 1800, an old woman named Fazli Bibi lived in an ancient factory in Gaur. There was a mango tree in his backyard. He took great care of the tree. Collector Rajvensh once set up camp near the old woman’s house. Upon hearing the news of his arrival, the old woman met him with the mango. Rajvensha had a lot of fun eating that mango.

I want to know the name of that mango. But without understanding English, Fazli Bibi said her name only after hearing ‘name’. Since then, the name of this mango is ‘Fazli’.


Lakshman, a resident of Chandipur in the English market, planted a mango tree. The mango was incomparable in taste and smell. Lakshmanbhog mango originates from the name of Lakshman farmer.


This mango was cultivated by a man named Gopal of Narhatta in the English market. From then on, Gopalbhog originated in the name of Gopal Chashi.


Mango is famous for its aroma. This mango is called Gopalkhas because it smells like roses. It is one of the mangoes of ancient Bengal. It has a reddish tinge of rose color.


A poor farmer in Maldah ate a small mango and planted it in his garden. A mango tree was born from that seed. Sour in the raw state. But very sweet when ripe. The name of the mango is ‘Guti’ as the tree grows from the kernel.


The mango that ripens in the month of Ashwin is called ‘Ashwina’. Mangoes of the Ashwina variety usually remain till the month of August. In some areas, mango is also available in the first week of September.

Why such a strange naming of a mango?


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