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How Much Money Does YouTube Make? (how to make money on youtube)

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I came to you with another tip.

Looking at the title, you understand what topic I will discuss today.

Today I will discuss YouTube income with you.

In fact, how much money YouTubers earn, how much money they pay per view, how do YouTubers earn income, we will discuss this information among you.

At present, those who have monetized YouTube channel earn a lot of money.
We know, but the point here is not what we think.
Yes! Income is but much less. Not as much as we think.
However, those who have a lot more views and subscriptions will have a lot more income.

Basically, the income from YouTube is through AdSense.

It currently takes 1,000 subscriptions and 4,000 hours of warts time to show ads on YouTube channel videos.

The end of some of our common misconceptions

If you create a YouTube channel, if you have millions of subscriptions, if you have thousands of views, your idea is to earn millions of rupees.

In fact, this idea is wrong!

Because YouTube doesn’t pay for views.
Adsense pays for ads.

1] YouTube’s income doesn’t depend on views, it depends on how many clicks the ad gets.

2] There is no benefit in telling people to subscribe and view.

3] Copying a song or movie for 10 seconds or less can result in a copyright claim.

4] Copyright depends on whether the original content is yours or someone else’s.

5] It is halal to make money from YouTube if you block haraam advertisements shown on YouTube.

Now let’s talk about another thing, many people have told me how much money is available from 1000 views from YouTube!

I have said this before and I am still saying that YouTube does not pay for views.

YouTube pays for ads. (

If the YouTube channel is monetized, after doing the ad show, if you click on the ad of the video, money is added to AdSense.

For example, YouTubers in Bangladesh get an average of ড 1 per 10,000 views. The click rate in Bangladesh is lower than in other countries.

As such, it gets  0.1 or  8 bdt per 1000 views.
He may be more or less.

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