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It is almost impossible to break these 10 world records of cricket!

It is almost impossible to break these 10 world records of cricket!

Records are made from the birth of cricket, later someone breaks that record and sets a new record. However, there are some records that no one has been able to break yet. Even many have accepted that breaking that record is kind of impossible. Find out about 10 such records in the world of cricket.

1) Don Bradman’s 99.94 Test batting average:

Don Bradman, born in Australia. In the world of cricket, everyone knows him as ‘The Dawn’. He has played 80 Test innings in his entire career. His run average in these 60 Tests is 99.94. His average in first-class cricket is 95.14. So far no cricketer has been able to break this record. According to cricket experts, Don Bradman is a wonder in the world of cricket. So far no cricketer has been able to break Don Bradman’s record and they think it is impossible to break The Dawn’s record in the future.

2) Murali’s 1,346 international wickets:

Muttiah Muralitharan was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, a member of the Sri Lankan cricket team. The whole world was fascinated by his bowling. Well well the cricketer has been forced to give up in front of him. He started his career at the age of 20 and achieved success in a very short time. He has set a record of 600 wickets in Test matches. He got 534 wickets in ODIs. He has set a record with 13 wickets in T20. According to cricket experts, there is no possibility of breaking the record set by Muralitharan.

3) Jack Hobbs’ 61,80 first-class runs:

Jack Hobbs was born in Cambridge. He started playing for the England national team in 1906. He played only 71 matches for the England national cricket team from 1906 to 1930. But he played 734 first-class matches and scored 61,70 runs. That is why cricket analysts refer to him as one of the best batsmen in the world.

4) Jim Lacker’s 19/90 Test match bowling figure:

Jim Lacker made his debut for England in 1948. He made an unforgettable history in 1956 against Australia at Ol Trafford. Australia took 19 out of 20 wickets. Australia managed to score 90 runs in that match. According to cricket experts, this match is a miracle among all the matches played so far. Cricket experts believe that the record of this match will never be broken.

5) Wilfred Rhodes’ 4204 first-class wickets:

Wilfred Rhodes was born in Huddersfield, UK. He played a total of 56 Test matches for England from 1899 to 1930. He has scored a total of 2335 runs in these Test matches. He has set a record of 2,000 runs in Test matches.

He also bowled brilliantly, taking 127 wickets in his career. He has taken 4,204 wickets in first-class cricket. Cricket experts think it is impossible to break this record. But his record is not discussed here. This is the subject of discussion in the first-class wicket record. His number of wickets in first-class cricket shows that he has played domestic cricket for a long time.

He was a slow left-arm spinner. Although there was less competition in that era. As a result, Rhodes has been able to get so many wickets with his slower spin. In the current era of competition, it is really impossible.

6) Australia won 16 consecutive Tests:

Australia won a total of 16 Tests in a row. They won under Steve Waugh from 1999 to 2001. And that victory stopped at Eden in Calcutta against India. In the match that India won, Laxman and Dravid batted hard. From 2005 to 2006, Ricky Ponting led a series of victories in Test cricket. Experts say winning a Test match 16 times is not the same thing. According to them, breaking this record is not straightforward.

6) Chaminda Vass’s bowling record:

Chaminda Vass was born in Wattala, Sri Lanka. He started his career in cricket as a Sri Lankan. He took eight wickets in ODIs. Zimbabwe can score only 36 runs in that match. Then he was all out. According to experts, the 2001 Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe match is an unforgettable event.

6) Graham Gooch’s record of 458 runs in ODIs: Graham Gooch captained England. In 1990, Graham Gooch scored 456 runs in Test matches between England and India. Graham Gooch surprised the world.

9) Phil Simmons’ record of 10 overs at 0.3:

Phil Simmons made his cricketing debut for the West Indies. Phil Simmons bowled 10 overs with a rating of 0.3 in a match against Pakistan West Indies. This feat of Phil Simmons makes history.

10) Chris Gayle’s run record:

Chris Gayle is a famous player in the West Indies, not only famous, but also popular. He played for Royal Challengers in IPL in 2013. Gayle made 165 runs from 7 balls in that match. The audience was surprised by the storm of Chris Gayle’s run.

It is almost impossible to break these 10 world records of cricket

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