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The New Zealand Cricket Board praised the Bangladesh team

The New Zealand Cricket Board praised the Bangladesh team

The New Zealand Cricket Board and the country’s Ministry of Health have expressed satisfaction over the conduct of the Bangladesh cricket team in quarantine. BCB director Jalal Yunus said. Despite being in isolation, the cricketers are mentally strong, said the board official who was with the team.
If all goes well, the cricketers will start training in groups from March 4. Bangladesh cricketers and coaching staff are spending their days in New Zealand under strict rules. It was almost a week, everyone was still under house arrest.
However, it is a matter of relief that the Bangladesh team has not had to face any untoward incident in New Zealand so far. Pakistan and the West Indies were criticized for violating the Covid protocol during a recent tour of New Zealand. The experience of the Bangladesh team has been the opposite. New Zealand praised the Bangladesh team.
In this context, BCB director Jalal Yunus said, “We warned everyone.” Don’t go out of the house without a mask. You can’t go without a mask to eat. It has been repeatedly told not to go out without a mask.
The New Zealand Cricket Board praised the Bangladesh team
Everyone is following that protocol. We spoke with the New Zealand Board and the Department of Health this morning. They are satisfied with everything we have. So far there has been no deviation from their prescribed protocol.
Being in continuous isolation is a bit monotonous. Cricketer-coaching staff gets a chance to get out of the house for 30 minutes twice a day. Although such an experience is new to everyone, everyone is mentally strong.
Jalal Yunus said that many people are having trouble sleeping due to time zone variations. But I think it will be fine once the practice starts. There are no good complaints about eating here. Food can also be brought from outside. Mentally everyone is fine. Are seen in groups. There is not one group every day.
Bangladesh team at the end of the isolation. Now start practicing waiting. If all goes well, Tamim and Mushfiqur will get a chance to take the field from next Thursday.
Jalal Yunus said, everyone wants to start practicing. Everyone wants to go outside and knock. I hope I can do that very soon. Bangladesh will have the opportunity to practice with the whole team in Queenstown on the 10th.
The New Zealand Cricket Board praised the Bangladesh team

Source: Time TV Online


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