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Make Money Online Without Any Experience (Part-1)

Make Money Online Without Any Experience (Part-1)

Make thousands of rupees a month online without any experience A true story that happened to me

Let everyone know in advance,
This is not an earning post. Here I will share a real story of mine. Come on, everyone will like it. We see different titles on various social media websites and on YouTube.

Here are some popular titles for online income

1. Make thousands of rupees a month with mobile
2. Make 200-300 rupees every day without any work
3. Make money by commenting like
4. Make thousands of rupees just by looking at Ed
5. See those who want to make an income, stay away from the rest
. Take 50 rupees by uploading the Bijli Upper picture
. Clicking here will transfer the money to your account

Today I am tired of seeing all this and I have wasted the best times of my life by seeing all these. And I dreamed that one day I will be the richest person in Bangladesh

Anyway, when I became rich, I am sharing the story of becoming rich with you so that you too can become rich in just 2 days.

After buying a smartphone, one thing kept popping into my head 4-5 years ago. At that time there were many rich trainers in Trikbd who used to give earning posts all day and how to earn money by kicking.

How Much Money Does Ezzy Earn?

I met a brother from the area. Talking about an app called Ginny Ezzyearn, she earns 3-4 thousand rupees a month. But the condition is to activate the ID with 1600 rupees. At that time it was a big challenge to ask for so much money from home. He went to his mother and agreed to eat. I said in a few days your son will earn income online. I activated the ID with the money, 5-6 days later I heard it was scamming. Hearing that, my condition was like that

Make thousands of rupees a month online without any experience

Anyway, at a lot of costs, I want this ride from my mother’s hand and I can never say that again.

The way I made money from the PTC site

Earn ড 1-2 per day from the PTC site that used to catch your eye at one time and double the income when referring.
That’s when NeoBux, paidvarts, and so on. If I clicked on each ad, I would give 0.00001 $ like this, I would sit all day and do these things. And I thought of myself as different from everyone else. I would say when I saw someone playing games

Make thousands of rupees a month online without any experience

However, the funny thing is that I am doing my job and I have not received any money from a single site.

Make Money Online Without Any Experience

I also made income from my paing ads and also taught my two older brothers how to do it

This was the biggest accident for the members of Binoraj who then invested in a website called my paying ads. Anyway, I think the time happened in 2016. Brother Russell is still floating in front of my eyes about that accident.

As usual, when he came to Binoraj to go around, he saw a device post called Rubel and his head hung. After reading the comments, I realized that many more have invested in this site. It worked whether it was Ed and the more Ed he bought, the more he could earn. And those who will refer are very good commissions. The postman would share a screenshot of his profile with him sitting at 300-400. I invest some money there and day by day I think maybe I got something much better. I would buy ad again with the money that was income because of the more ad, the more income.

At one point I talked to two older brothers who saw me and planned to invest money with a loan from a bank. And regularly invested 3 thousand rupees. I also get a commission for this. My condition is 6 when mypaingads scam after one to ten months

Make thousands of rupees a month online without any experience

Brother, I could not enter the two sites, he called me again and again and texted me, what should I reply, I am in a state of fit. Then I cut in any other way.
One thing I learned from this was that if I could write a blog post, upload a video on YouTube without wasting time on these temporary tasks, if I could learn some fiber work, I might be much bigger. If you also want to earn income online, please do not waste your precious time just looking at these titles. Learn something good. Remember that nothing is easy to get for free even though it is available for a while. Make Money Online Without Any Experience

If I get your response, I will come up with Part 2 inshaAllah because there is still a lot left.

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