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How to make money by creating video ads

How to make money by creating video ads

There are various types of jobs available online at Freelancing Marketplace. Such as graphics design, web development, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Everyone works in the sector according to their skills. Most of the freelancing work requires a computer and it takes a long time to learn a job. However, today we will talk about making online income or freelancing by creating video ads or advertisements!

Creates online income video ads

The work that we will talk about today can be done with mobile if you want along with the computer. And it won’t take long to learn. The job is to create video ads or ads. As a result of the expansion of online-based businesses, many people nowadays are doing their business online. And for branding their business, we want to create different types of advertisements or ads.

And it requires a skilled ad creator. But marketplace research shows that there are very few people working in this sector so there is a great demand for people here.

If you want, you can also learn how to create video ads and work in the marketplace. This is much easier to do than any other freelancing job and can be learned in a very short time.

It’s amazing to hear that a video ad creator in the marketplace charges ৫ 5 to ২০০ 200 for a 30-second video ad, but it’s true.

There may be a little less money in the new time but it is possible to make a good money from this sector in a few days. It can take 5 to 10 minutes to create a video ad. Video footage, images, voice-over, scripts for creating videos, and everything is not with the buyer. As a result, there are many places online where you can collect this footage for free.

How to make money by creating video ads

Now, where will you learn to work? If you want, you can take a course on this subject from anywhere for 1 thousand or 2 thousand rupees.
But of course, the software with which the video ad is created.

The use of that software is shown. But if you want, you can learn to use this software by watching YouTube. For that, you have to work a little harder.

These software’s are used to create videos like Inst, Canva, Inshot is basically a video editing software you will find it in the Play Store. And it’s a free software. If you want, you can edit videos and images with it to create a very nice video ad.

But here is everything you have to do yourself. You can also create a video ad using Canvas, a graphics design software. Here you will find many video ad templates.

You can easily create an ad by editing them. Most of the features here are available for free but there are many features. To use which you need to use the Canvar paid version. Canvas is available on a website and in the app version and Playstore. is a completely paid website. It was originally created for video ad creators.

There are thousands of templates available and you can easily create video ads by editing them. So you can start with any of these free software if you want. When you work in advance, you will either buy the paid version. So far today.

How to make money by creating video ads


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