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10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online! Now you can also plant money trees on the internet.

10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Today I will give you 10 types of job ideas for online Passive Income.
The idea is that if you do any of these things, it will be possible for you to plant a tree to earn money online. 10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.
These passive incomes are just like that, which means you may have to work a little harder in the beginning or if you want to work on anyone subject.
But after taking it to a position you don’t always have to be active when you give it a little time if you need it a little bit.
But you will continue to generate income there.

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1. Article writing

If you want, you can create a blog with Google Blogger or WordPress or customize your own.
Go there and write about the things in your mind that you can write about the things that you can do well.
If you need, you can get help from Google or YouTube that are actually different tips and tricks of article writing.
How to present the tropics you want to write about more beautifully.
If you keep the formatting right a little better, if you can write it a little bigger, then it will be fairly easy to rank your SEO Google.
So if you can blog by following all these things, you can generate revenue from here through monetization, whether it is Google Adsense or other networks.


10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online

2. YouTube and Facebook content upload.

If you have a list of topics in a fairly good way or if you can present a topic in a good way.
If you can make a video on a topic, be it technical or any other topic, you can post some content on your Facebook or YouTube channel.
And there are some requirements, if you can start monetization after filling them, then you can make passive income from there.
That means you don’t have to be active all the time to keep up with the content if those contents are fairly acceptable if the audience is fairly available but you don’t always have to be active.
In your absence, there will also be a revenue generator.

3. Internet.

Although it is not directly related to passive income, you can generate passive income from it.
Internet Breast If you launch a platform from there with some policy but there is a way of passive income.

10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online
10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is what I mean by blogging or article writing and again about content production. You can do affiliate marketing by using one or the other of these methods.
And no matter what approach you take for affiliate marketing, there seems to be a passive income because you don’t have to be active all the time here. It will continue to be a cell.

5. Photography.

If you can do photography well, there are various websites through which you can sell pictures.
So now the question may arise in the minds of many how it is passive income again. So I say it, but you don’t have to pay a one-time sale. There are many websites in which you upload once.
People will download it every time they buy it and you will get a percentage from it.
If you want, you can also pay attention.

6. E-book.

You make a PDF in which you write something with good information, you write different problem solutions or different topics.
People will benefit from what they need. You have no obligation to edit it every day.
Because once you decorate it nicely then after a certain time you will bring another new version to update it a little.
But you don’t always have to work, which means that once you write the PDF, you will continue to sell it.
So in that case you can make passive income through this e-book if you want.

7. My service.

If you have your own products or services, you can sell them using any of the platforms through the internet.
Product means here you may have coded something, created an application or created a script.
In that case, you can sell Code Canyon Envato Market.
Here, if you can make a good one and put it in the marketplace, it will always be sold and you will continue to get your profit.

10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online
10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online

8. Blog bye.

Blogs Yes, you don’t buy blocks just because you hear that. You must check before buying a running blog what kind of blog to buy.
You can actually invest behind any type of blog, check and select, do good research and go to buy.
What is the reason? If you buy a running blog site and from that, if you are affiliate marketing or Google Adsense which is suitable with that blog but you can generate a fair amount of income.
And it will also be but passive income. So before buying a blog, you must discuss this issue. Because if you buy a blog without any hassle, then your money may fail and go away.


9. Build an App or Platform.

You can make a paid app or create a source of earning in it.
That app can be educational or a subject related to calculation or problem-solving.
One of the things that is happening right now is that people need it. You can use your brain to build an app on top of something.
And with that, you will get a fair amount of quality revenue with Google or by keeping paid it is also a great way to earn income.

10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online
10 Genuine Ways to Make Passive Income Online

10. Tutorial and trading video.

You can be good at what you want and if you don’t think you can be good at what you want.
You can teach people very easily and teach them everything they need.
If you want you can create a trending tutorial video or a package online in different ways.
It may be through the platform and it may be that you gave a quiz system there.
Or you can earn from what you have given according to your policy.
Many freelancers or YouTubers or affiliate marketers are currently generating a large amount of money by making this training video.
Maybe many will see it positively and many will see it negatively! I am not really going for it.
Just because I gave you the information, maybe you can come up with something new, it might be more effective.

Whatever you think I can do better, you can work with it.
I’ve just said a few summaries on the topics I’ve shared so far, and in what ways, but I’ll actually take a course on some of these ten topics from Basic to Advanced. Our Facebook page, so you must come to our Facebook page with likes.

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