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Pictures of ASP wife and SI husband go viral on Facebook

Pictures of ASP wife and SI husband go viral on Facebook

A picture of a police couple has recently gone viral on Facebook. On Thursday (March 16th) evening, Sub-Inspector of Police (SI) Ujjwal Ghosh Jitu and his wife posted a picture of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Urmi Dev on Facebook. Pictures of ASP wife and SI husband go viral on Facebook

‘Anyone with a little idea of ​​the policing profession can tell me how much my wife’s position is above mine in terms of position. No, none of us got a job after we got married.

This goddess-like man took me as his own, not caring about the sky-high difference between my wife’s position and mine.

When I see posts every day, girls are greedy, girls can give up everything if they find a BCS husband, girls don’t understand anything except money and position, I get a lot of smiles then. What do we think about the mother’s birth?

A BCS officer who has adopted a little man like me so much is also a girl. ‘

It is learned that the two got married on November 30, 2020. Although they are already known, they get married as a family.

Ujjwal Ghosh Jitu told the media that like other posts, I gave the post on Facebook. I didn’t realize the post would go viral like this. However, people have taken the matter positively. We are much happier in personal life. My wife is also a very good person.

Akhaura Railway Circle Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Urmi Dev, the bride of Sub-Inspector Ujjwal Ghosh, told the media, “My father’s house is in Chittagong.” My father is a lawyer.

I am the eldest of one brother and one sister. After BCS, the first posting in the post of ASP is in Akhaura Circle. The picture he took in my office. – Time TV online

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