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Ferdous could be arrested and his visa revoked

Ferdous could be arrested and his visa revoked

Ferdous, a popular hero of Bangladesh, took part in the Trinamool Congress election campaign in West Bengal last Sunday. And this makes the BJP angry. As a result, the BJP demanded that he be arrested for violating visa rules. Ferdous may be arrested visa canceled

Meanwhile, it was reported on Tuesday that his visa had been revoked for allegedly violating the Model Code of Conduct. The Bangladesh High Commission has asked him to return to the country.

Ferdous staged a roadshow in support of the Trinamool Congress at the center in Raiganj, West Bengal. Tollywood hero Ankush and heroine Payal were with him. Not only did he do a roadshow, the Bangladeshi star also called for voting for Trinamool candidate Kanaiyala.

Ferdous could be arrested and his visa revoked

Source: Go News

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