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Biden stumbled three times while boarding the plane

Biden stumbled three times while boarding the plane

US President Joe Biden has stumbled on a flight of stairs. He stumbled and fell three times while boarding an Air Force One flight of stairs.

However, the British media The Guardian reported that he was not seriously injured.

The incident took place at Andrew Base Airport in the state of Virginia, 10 miles from Washington DC, on Friday (March 19), The Guardian reported.

He was on his way to Atlanta to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. He repeatedly fell while climbing the stairs before starting the trip.

As seen in the video captured from a distance, he was holding the railing of the stairs with his hands. On the way up the long stairs, the president’s foot slipped. Later, he managed to reach the door of the plane and said goodbye, and entered.

The scene of President Biden stumbling and falling has gone viral on various social media. The White House says Biden is well. This is because of stepping on the stairs incorrectly. – Somoy TV online


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Biden stumbled three times while boarding the plane


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