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Brenton Taranto attacked this mosque? Important information

Brenton Taranto attacked this mosque? Important information

Brenton Tarant, the attacker at the Christchurch mosque, is an Australian citizen. Dunedin has been living in New Zealand’s second-largest city since 2016. According to a local newspaper, Brenton Tarant was a member of an arms club where he practiced shooting. Brenton Taranto attacked this mosque

Scott William, co-president of the Bruce Rifle Club, confirmed the information, saying Tarant was a member of the club and that he had learned to fire an AR-15 rifle.

It is known that Tarant became a member of this Bruce Rifle Club near Melbourne in 2016. He often went to the club for practice, and Taranto was seen as normal, club officials said.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian newspaper reported that Tarant went to Bulgaria on November 9-15 last year. He went to Bulgaria from Dubai. Taranto rented a car and toured various cities in Bulgaria. Then he went to Hungary from Bulgaria. It is also known that Tarant also traveled to Pakistan.

Brenton Taranto attacked this mosque

Meanwhile, the court today remanded the attacker Brenton Tarant in a murder case. The next hearing of the case is on April 5. According to the interrogation, Tarant did not plan to attack the Al Noor Mosque, but wanted to attack the Al Huda Mosque in Dunedin.

According to Tarant’s neighbor, Tarant stayed home most of the time. Sometimes he would go for a walk and go to the gym. Tarant had a license for this category of weapons since 2016. Because of this license, he could buy any kind of weapon.

He lived with his family in Grafton, a riverside town in Australia. In the area, he was known for bodybuilding. Worked as a trainer in a local gym.

In 2010, his father died of cancer. After the death of his father, he inherited the property. That’s when he decided to travel the world. Tarant, 26, lived in Grafton, Australia, before leaving the world in 2012.


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