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How to Viral Bangladeshi youth went to America after lungi

Viral Bangladeshi youth went to America after lungi

Bangladeshi lungi is appreciated all over the world. But after saying that lungi went viral in America! Yes, a young man named Jewel Mia made America wear that lungi-Genji dress. His various pictures in lungi-Genji attire are now viral on social media.

Jewel is the son of Habiganj. He went to Bangladesh last February. Returned to America on March 17. And on the way back, his clothes went viral. Jewel posted a picture of himself wearing lungi-Genji at the airport immigration.

After that, the Bangladeshi youth returned to New York from his home country with a towel around his neck. Along the way, he kept updating on social media, sometimes saying, “I’m flying over the Atlantic Ocean.” Sometimes or again, “I’ve reached New York.”

The first two photos went viral on a Facebook page called ‘Traffic Alert’. According to his friends, Jewel always surprised everyone in this way. However, no one had any idea that Jewel would make lungi-towel so popular in America. As a result, the number of followers on Jewel’s page has also increased.

The infamous Jewel is now a Bangladeshi celebrity.Out of the thousands of youth leaders from the 193 member countries of the United Nations, 33 are elected as members of the Youth Sub-Committee every year.

In 2016, Bangladeshi American Jewel Mia was elected one of them. –



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