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What if your hobby mobile falls into the water?

What if your hobby mobile falls into the water?

If your mobile phone is not waterproof, you can get in trouble if it gets wet. Mobile phones can get wet in the rain. You can start bathing with your mobile phone. Even tea coffee can accidentally fall on the mobile. after it is turned off. There is nothing to fear. In this case, if you follow some suggestions, you can turn on the phone again. hobby mobile falls into the water

What to do if the mobile gets wet:

* Check the battery If it gets wet in water, the warranty of the mobile phone will not work. Open the battery test to check if the phone is damaged in the water. The battery has a small white sticker that turns red or pink when it gets wet.

* Quickly turn off the phone When the phone comes in contact with water, turn it off quickly. Then quickly wipe it off with a paper or soft towel. Then quickly remove the SIM and battery. Carefully let them dry. Do not dry in direct sun. Separate other things used in mobile. Such as cover, headphones, etc. Dry the mobile phone well. You must remove the water quickly and carefully.

* Remove water sticking to the phone Use a paper towel or soft dry cloth to remove water sticking to the outside of the phone. Mobile can also be dried with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, be careful before drying your mobile phone using a vacuum cleaner. Do not hold this device too close to the wet mobile. Mobile phone

It is better not to use the hairdryer for drying.

* Put the phone in the rice Place your wet phone in a dry plastic bag or non-ventilated container. You can also put it in a bag full of rice. Do not turn on the phone or charge the battery at this time. Rice has the ability to absorb water from wet things. You can keep the phone like this for 24 hours before restarting. Before turning on the phone manually, check if there is water in the ports of the phone. Also, if the phone is wet, remove it and dry it. If your mobile phone does not turn on, unplug the battery and take it to the service center…


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