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Ways to save internet data on mobile

Ways to save internet data on mobile

The internet is now at hand. And it has been possible because of the mobile internet facility. Ways to save internet data on mobile

The number of mobile internet users is increasing day by day. But for those who use the internet to buy data packages, the rapid loss of internet data is a matter of suffering.

However, if you use the internet on mobile with a little strategy, but the data cost can be controlled. Here are some ways to find out.

* Compress Chrome Page: Open Chrome and click on the three-dot icon at the very top right. Now go to settings. Data saver from there. You can understand the rest by yourself.

* Use Facebook with a browser: Many people say that Facebook consumes the most data on the mobile internet. Even the lite version. So you can go to Tinfoil. With this web app, you can use Facebook with all push notifications at low data cost. Or use Facebook from Chrome. Go to the Overflow menu, then go to the Add to Home screen menu and create a shortcut. That will also save data.

* Offline apps and games: There are some apps and games that need to be constantly updated. Do not keep such things on the phone. Then saving internet data will be easy.

* Turn off background data: There are some apps that need to be synced. For example, Gmail. Mobile internet data will be saved if these are not synced.

* Not listening to music online: There are apps for listening to music online, almost all of them consume a lot of data. Less data than that can be downloaded. So listen to as many songs as you like, but download. You will see that a lot of data is being saved on the internet.

* Keep track of data: Go to mobile settings. Then go to the Data Usage option. You can see how much data an app is consuming. If you find any of these apps to be unnecessary, delete them.

* Offline navigation: Google Maps consumes a lot of internet data. So use Google Maps offline.

* Google Doc is offline: Not just Google Maps, some more Google services consume more internet data. This list also includes Google Docs! So if you need to keep some notes, use them offline.

* Image, video upload-download: As much as you can, reduce image and video upload-download. You see, excellent data is being saved.

Ways to save internet data on mobile



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