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The user knows which is the best Selfie Tips

The user knows which is the best Selfie Tips

It’s hard to find people who use smartphones but don’t take selfies. Old and young all suffer from this selfie fever. For Selfie Hunters, a Ph.D. researcher from Stanford University in the US has invented a way to take selfies properly. His name is Andrej Carpathi. He has created an intelligent network that will rank the captured selfies and let the user know which is the best. The user knows which is the best Selfie Tips

Carpathian collected two million selfies for his research. He then diagnoses the most perfect selfie from them through his invented technology. He gives the system some instructions by which the system can select a picture as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Lastly, he provided 50,000 unpublished selfies to his system. His system also selects images by analyzing them on ‘Like’ and follower tagging. The last one hundred best selfies were selected. In this way, he finds some clues to taking the perfect selfie and exposes it to everyone.

If you are a woman, your face should cover one-third of the photo frame. Some part of your forehead will be out of the frame. Hair should be loosened (in this case it is better if you have long hair), make your face beautiful and attractive, and of course, take a selfie from any angle without taking straight pictures.

Andreas Carpathia did not disappoint the men either. He also has different ‘selfie tips’ for men. Your head and arms must be in the photo frame. You have to pay attention to the hairstyle but combed hair is more acceptable. At the same time, of course, your beautiful face is important. And yes, Carpethi suggested that boys take selfies directly from the camera, not from an angle like the girls.

the user knows Selfie Tips

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