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Some Easy Ways to Protect Wet Mobiles!

Some Easy Ways to Protect Wet Mobiles!

If a hobby mobile phone accidentally gets wet in water, it is possible to protect it in some very simple ways. Mobile cover available. Using these greatly reduces the possibility of water entering the mobile. If the battery and SIM mobile get wet, the first thing to do is to remove the battery from the phone. Doing so reduces the chances of a short circuit in the phone. Take out the SIM card along with the battery. Because a wet SIM card can also be damaged. Protect Wet Mobiles

Arrange for quick drying Use a paper towel or dry cloth to wipe the water off the outside of the phone. Mobile can also be dried with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, the biggest problem, in this case, is to get the right amount of air in the vacuum cleaner. So if you are not accustomed to vacuum cleaners, avoid this way. Again, not everyone has this device in their home.

Mobile can also be dried with a hair dryer. In that case, you have to try to dry the phone by holding the hair dryer from a little height while the battery is open. Do not turn on the phone immediately after drying. Instead, take the next day to the service center to make sure about the condition of the phone.

Be sure to keep the outer casing, cover, etc. of the phone open to dry well. However, do not try to dry the mobile phone in the oven, microwave, or sun heat. It can be damaged, in many cases, the phone can be completely damaged. Many people shake their phones loudly to get water out of wet mobiles. That should not be done. However, there is no possibility of any damage by shaking gently.


You can keep the rice in a rice sack or pot and leave the wet mobile for a few days. Do not turn on the phone or charge the battery at this time. Rice has the ability to absorb water from wet things. So in this process, you can dry the wet mobile.

It is important to remember that if the mobile phone gets wet after the shop closes due to rain or any other reason, or if for any other reason there is no way to take it to the service center immediately, do not turn on the mobile even after drying. Go to the service center as time allows and make sure of the condition of the phone.

In the case of service centers, it is wise to take the brand of the phone there. Although the cost will be a little higher there. You can also take the service of the general service center to fix the phone at a low cost. You can get this service in the mobile shops around the house. However, before doing mobile service, it is very important to be sure about the quality of work and efficiency.


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