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We all use mobile but don’t know what IMEI is

We all use mobile but don’t know what IMEI is

What is IMEI – Every mobile phone has a unique 15 digit number. This number is used to differentiate any phone in the world. Without a phone and using the terrestrial network.

This number is also available on devices such as PCMCIA 3G / 4G tablets using wireless internet cards, laptops.

How to know the IMEI number?

Mobile has one serial number if it has one SIM and two IMEI serial numbers if it has dual SIM. This number is written on the box of all mobile phones or inside the phone.

You can also find out by dialing * # 06 # if you want. IMEI number of your phone. However, the number cannot be copied. It is best to write it down for later use.

Does the IMEI number work?

Now you know the IMEI number of the phone. Now what to do with it? There are several websites through which you can verify the specifications of the phone.

For example, by clicking on this website and giving the IMEI number, the information about the phone’s specification and hardware will come up. When going to buy a used phone. Use this website to find out if the phone is genuine.

Visit to find out if your phone has been blocked or stolen. Also to block lost or stolen phones. You need to contact your network provider and provide your mobile number and IMEI number. And if you send a request to block it, your mobile phone will be blocked.

Also if your mobile phone is lost. If you are at your local police station. Came with the IMEI number as per their rules. Then the law enforcement staff will try to recover your lost mobile with your IMEI number.

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We all use mobile but don’t know what IMEI is


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