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Mountain of mysterious gin! Closed cars continue to climb the hill!

Mountain of mysterious gin! Closed cars continue to climb the hill!

Even if it can be heard in public, now actually listen to the mountain of Jin. There is a lot of noise about this mysterious mountain. That mountain of Jinn is in Medina. Or pull everything towards the mountain!

The mountain of Jin is located at Wadi Al Bayda, about 45 kilometers northwest of the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. Wonderful things are happening on that mountain. Everything rolls on the opposite side of the slope.

Just the opposite of the general rule. It has also been observed that even cars parked on this mysterious hill start moving against the slope. Many people think that this happens because there is a lot of magnetic material in the place.

According to a source, in 2010 the Saudi government planned to build a road in Wadi Al Bayda. But disaster struck. After working up to 30 km, the opposite is true. Suddenly, the road construction machinery is slowly moving towards the city of Medina alone.

It looks as if an invisible force is pushing the equipment towards Medina. Surprisingly, the heavy rollers of the pitch casting also slowly climb up the slope while closed.

The workers were horrified to see such a scene. They later expressed reluctance to work there. There are huge black hills all around where the road work is stopped.

Arrangements have been made to reach the city of Medina again by the same road as the roundabout at the end. Although the road was supposed to be 200 km long, the work was stopped after 40 km.

Such a bizarre incident has created a lot of curiosity around the mountain of Jin. Numerous tourists from different countries of the world come to see this mountain.

People who come for Hajj every year also flock to see this mysterious mountain of jinn.

Mountain of mysterious gin! Closed cars continue to climb the hill!


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