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Here are 9 wonderful facts about death

Here are 9 wonderful facts about death

Nothing is more inevitable than death. Keeping this philosophical theory in mind, we compose romance around death. Again, someone or death is considered a matter of fear. And when you rise above all this, what a confused eye to look at in the context of death.

Our today’s report explores some of the truths about death, many of which are beyond our daily comprehension.

1. Most people in the world die of heart disease.

2. Most of the young men died in the accident.

3. Most of the young women died while giving birth.

4. The number of babies born every second. More than twice as many people died.

5. Four hours after death, contractions occur as a result of chemical reactions in the muscles of the body. The body begins to harden. This is called ‘Rigger Mortis’. But 36 hours later, Rigger Mortis began to disappear.

6. After death, the pancreas and other parts of the digestive system become full of digestive enzymes. As a result, those organs begin to be ‘digested’. This process then spreads throughout the body. Its name is ‘autolysis’.

7. Nail growth does not occur after death.

8. Forensic experts can tell by looking at the character of the insects attached to the corpse exactly how long or how long ago the death occurred.

9. Every day we are all ‘dying a little. About 50 billion cells die in the body every day.

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9 wonderful facts about death


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