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Sixteen facts about the Titanic that will surprise you

Sixteen facts about the Titanic that will surprise you

Titanic, like the name of a fairy tale. How many myths spread around this ship! Many know them. Beyond all this, there is a lot of small information that you should be surprised to hear.

1. The day the Titanic hit the iceberg was a lifeboat rehearsal for the Titanic. The captain canceled it.

2. Remember in the movie, how the musicians kept playing the violin while the ship was sinking? In reality, the same thing happened.

3. Milton Hersh, owner of the Hershey Chocolate Company and one of the richest men in Britain at the time, had a Titanic ticket. But he canceled it due to a busy schedule.

4. One Japanese passenger survived. Somehow after reaching the shore he returned to the country as soon as possible. Allegedly did not think of the passengers.

5. The ship had four smokestacks, three of which worked. One was just to sort the ship.

6. “The Titanic sank,” the newspaper reported on the first day. But no one was killed. ”

7. One week after the accident, the New York Times ran a 75-page report on the Titanic.

8. A ship called the Californian was very close to the Titanic. But his wireless operator was fast asleep. He did not see the danger signal from the Titanic.

9. The Titanic’s ‘Chief Baker’, who was in charge of the bakery, survived two hours in the cold water. Because? His body was hot from excessive drinking.

10. The Titanic is the only ship to have sunk in an iceberg.

11. Most lifeboats were empty. But for some unknown reason, they were not taken.

12. When news of the iceberg reached the captain, the Titanic could have been saved just 30 seconds earlier.

13. 1,514 people died. Only 337 bodies were recovered.

14. The iceberg in which the Titanic sank due to a collision was formed around 1000 BC.

15. Do you know the price of the most expensive ticket? 4,350 at the time.

16. There were more than 700 passengers in the third class. They were allotted only two bathtubs.

Sixteen facts about the Titanic that will surprise you

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