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If you are caught by terrorists in an ATM booth, do it quickly

If you are caught by terrorists in an ATM booth

These days, many people have had to go to ATM booths to deal with terrorists. But most of the time, the terrorists find out the password by injuring the victim. Later the terrorists disappeared with the money.

However, there is a way to escape from the hands of terrorists. You may not know it.

Basically, when you read in such a situation, your first task is to stop arguing. Because your life is worth more than money. If the terrorist wants your password, give it to me immediately. However, in this case, adopt a strategy.

That is to say, the password is in reverse.

For example: Suppose your password is 1234, but you say 4321. What will happen to it? But the money will come out. But no one will be able to get that money out. Because that money will be stuck in the machine.

Then the terrorist will think in his mind that the machine may have a problem. In the meantime, a signal will go to the control room. With this signal, everyone in the control room will realize that you are in danger.

This system is available in almost all ATM booths. But most of us don’t know about this system.


caught by terrorists in an ATM booth


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