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Learn about some weird sex laws in different countries

Learn about some weird sex laws in different countries

There are various social reforms in different countries regarding sexuality. Somewhere, various laws have been made based on that reform. Take a look.

List of some weird laws about sex-

1. In Alexandria, Minnesota, USA, a husband cannot kiss his wife with the smell of garlic-onion or sardine fish in his mouth. And sexual intercourse is a distant matter.

2. The use of condoms for sexual intercourse is spread all over the world. But sex without a condom is completely forbidden in Nevada.

3. Hungary refuses to have sex in Budapest. Even husband and wife cannot violate this law.

4. In Uruguay, a husband can kill his wife if she cheats on him. The husband is not made a criminal for this.

5. In Oregon, USA, it is illegal to curse someone during sex.

6. Hunting or fishing is prohibited in Illinois, USA.

7. Washington law in the United States prohibits sexual intercourse with virgin girls. Even on the night of the marriage, the husband cannot have intercourse with his virgin bride.

However, no legal explanation has been given as to how the virgin girl will give up her virginity. As given in the case of the virgin girls of Guam.

8. Under Bahraini law, gynecologists can examine women’s genitals. But due to the tension so that no accident can happen. That’s why lawmakers use mirrors to prevent doctors from seeing the genitals directly.

Allows the patient’s genitals to be seen and examined through reflection.

9. In the state of Utah in the United States, sexual intercourse of girls inside an ambulance is prohibited. If a girl is caught or proven to go to work. Then by law, all the bad deeds including the picture of that girl were published in the local newspapers.

On the other hand, in the case of men, ‘seven murders are forgiven’.

10. Virgin girls are not married on the Pacific island of Guam. Realizing the opportunity, many men in the country have taken up the profession of depriving girls of their virginity. Fearing not to get married, the girls of that country became ‘deferred’ with a lot of money.

11. In Florida, men do not have the right to kiss their wives breasts.

12. According to Colombian law, after the marriage of a girl, she has to spend the night with her husband in the presence of her mother. The mother has to witness her daughter’s sexual intercourse on the wedding night in Kali, Colombia. Is that the norm there?

13. The same man cannot have sex with a woman and her mother or daughter in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

14. There are no legal restrictions on Lebanese men having sex with pets. The condition, however, is that it will cause sexual intercourse with the animal. It must be a female species.
Otherwise, his maximum punishment for breaking the law could be death.

15. No woman can undress in front of a picture of a man in Oxford, Ohio.

16. There are no religious restrictions on sexual intercourse in Hong Kong. However, if a wife thinks that her husband has cheated on her or if she finds evidence that her husband is an adulterer.

Then she can only kill her husband with her own hands. On the other hand, if the wife has committed the same crime. Then the husband can kill her in any way.

16. In China, women cannot walk around naked in hotel rooms. However, there are discounts in the bathroom.

16. It is illegal to have sex on a motorcycle parked in London!

19. Masturbation is a huge crime in Indonesia and the penalty for this crime is death.

20. Oral sex is completely illegal in Singapore if it is not followed by vaginal intercourse.

Learn about some weird sex laws in different countries

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