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What does it mean to kill a cat on Basar night?

What does it mean to kill a cat on Basar night?

Let’s hear the story of killing a cat first. Once the king of Baghdad had two daughters. He had no prince except these two princesses. The two princesses were very much in love with the king.

There were always ten or fifteen maids ready for the two royal daughters. When will a princess need and they will obey orders. The two princesses had one cat each.

The two cats were their constant companions. If they sat down to eat and even went to sleep, the two cats would stay together. So the two princesses grew up at once. They became suitable for marriage. Then the king’s thoughts began to grow.

Because the sons-in-law of these two princesses will have to take charge of this huge kingdom. So we have to find two such worthy boys. Those who can perform this guru duty well.

Two brothers were found searching all over the state. The king thought that princesses could be married to them. Then the two princesses got married together with much pomp.

The king then divided the responsibilities of the kingdom equally between the two daughters-in-law. Then the two brothers became very busy running the state.

The two have not met for many days. Suddenly the two brothers met at a big event in the state. Then both of them became overwhelmed with emotion for meeting their brother after so long.

Then in many words, the younger brother asked about their wives meaning princesses. Then the elder brother said Hmm, the elder princess respects him a lot. He doesn’t have to do any work. Etc. etc.

Hearing this, the younger brother said that the little princess did not take any care of him. He is always angry and sometimes even raises his hand. Then he asked his elder brother how he had subdued the princess. Then the elder brother said, about the princess’s cat.

The younger brother said yes, he takes more care of that cat than me. The elder brother said, “Yes, I entered the house on the first day of the night and struck the cat with a sword.” The diameter is two at once.

In this incident, the big princess thought I was a very big hero, and since then she has respected me a lot. So hearing this, the younger brother thought to himself, OK.

Returning home today will have to destroy the cat’s life. Then again after a long time, the two brothers met. This time there are many cut marks on the body of the younger brother. The elder brother asked if Khabar had been injured in any battle.

The younger brother said, “No, brother, when I heard about your incident, I went home that day and took the sword and divided the cat in two.” But in my case, the opposite happened. I was sentenced to one month in prison and tortured. Then the elder brother said, the cat has to be killed at night. There is no benefit in killing later. In fact, killing a cat at night does not do anything.

These are just stories 7. Islam has nothing to do with it. We must survive such unreasonable prejudices. May Allah bless us. Amen!


What does it mean to kill a cat on Basar night?


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