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There are five strange things that happen to you unknowingly in your sleep

There are five strange things that happen to you unknowingly in your sleep

Sleep is a very normal and important biological need. You can live 2 weeks without food but you can’t live more than 10 days without sleep. People who don’t like to sleep can’t be found.

On the contrary, if there is work, people who are annoyed by not being able to sleep will be noticed more. But did you know that during this normal biological process, very strange things happen without your knowledge, some of which you feel?

And some can’t feel at all. These strange things seem very normal to hear but quite harmful for you.

1) Slip walking or sleeping

Walking in sleep or slip walking is not a phenomenon to be neglected. People with normal sleep problems and insomnia suffer from this disease. Many walk out of their homes in their sleep.
Even accidents like walking on Main Road happen. Suratang does not neglect this problem.

2) Falling from a high place in a dream while sleeping

Many people feel the fall of a dream from a high place in their sleep and wake up with a jolt. This problem also occurs between insomnia and half-sleep. Because you start dreaming before your body falls asleep. Which affects your brain in what is called a hypnotic jerk.

And this is how you get this feeling. This problem is also called Exploding Head Syndrome. Where many people wake up with a jolt when they hear loud noises and see bright lights.

3) Slip paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which something you feel during sleep is pressed against your chest, you can’t scream even if you want to, and you can’t move yourself. This problem is not only horrible, it is also serious.

Many times this problem can lead to heart damage due to shortness of breath and fear. This problem occurs when you are overly depressed and stressed. And this problem is the exact opposite of the problem of falling from a high place in a dream during sleep. In this sleep paralysis, your body is asleep but the brain is fully awake.

4) Seeing the same dream again and again

Repeatedly seeing the same dream is not a good sign at all. This is a sign of mental problems. If you keep seeing the same dream over and over again, you will realize that your brain has been affected by an accident that you cannot forget from the subconscious mind.

5) Sleep talking or talking in sleep

Talking during sleep is also a problem caused by insomnia. This problem is mainly caused by 2-3 hours of sleep, where our muscles cannot sleep completely and have the ability to move like talking.

People who suffer from this problem a lot can talk for a long time in their sleep and can’t remember anything when they wake up.

There are five strange things that happen to you unknowingly in your sleep


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