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Why do bodyguards wear black sunglasses?

Why do bodyguards wear black sunglasses?

From silver stars to players, from industrialists to political leaders to heavyweights, they are always ready to protect. Whether it’s getting rid of the fans or the paparazzi, the bodyguards are the stars’ main hope.

Wearing black sunglasses, black or other colored safari suits, these bodyguards of good health care in a word the shadows of the stars. Have you ever noticed that these bodyguards or bodyguards wear black sunglasses most of the time?

Whether it is an event with celebrities or a serious political meeting, bodyguards wear black sunglasses. Khabar Anandabazar Patrika.

What are you thinking? Do bodyguards wear sunglasses to look fashionable or smart? Absolutely not. The issue of security is also deeply involved behind this. They are made aware of this at the time of training of bodyguards. Let’s not know the reason why bodyguards wear black sunglasses.


The bodyguards use this special trick to dust the eyes of a criminal. Having sunglasses, it is not possible to understand exactly where their eyes are and who is following them. As a result, it is very easy to monitor the surroundings.

Flashlight or sunlight

Bodyguards also use black sunglasses to protect themselves from flashlights or sunlight. Their focus is on security, so in any case, even for a moment so as not to distract the mind so this system.

Eye protection

Bodyguards often have to deal with gunfire or explosions. Bodyguards also use sunglasses for eye protection. Apart from that, wearing black glasses also makes it possible to hide emotions from the outside world.



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