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Twelve facts about the mango that you don’t know

Twelve facts about the mango that you don’t know

Mango is the king of fruits. Summer is unimaginable without mangoes. I can’t understand until I take a bite. Why do people all over the world talk so much about mangoes? The ‘King of Fruits’ has many reasons to love me.

From Alexander to the Mughal emperor Jahangir – we have all heard the story of love. Here are some facts about the mango that everyone needs to know:

  1. Mango is one of the oldest fruits in India. Many claims that the first mango was produced in India five thousand years ago. It is often heard that mango is the main source of mango in the northeastern hilly region of India adjacent to Myanmar.

  2. Buddhists love mangoes very much. Mango They are considered sacred because their idea is that Buddha often rested in the mango orchard. I am considered the best gift to give to each other. Buddhist monks carry mangoes with them during their long expeditions.

  3. It is said that Alexander the Great also liked this delicious fruit. On his way back to Greece, he took some mangoes with him.

  4. In South India, I was called Am-kay in Tamil. Later it became known as mam-kay. Then his name is Manga. The Portuguese finally named it ‘Mango‘ which later became famous.

  5. There are various stories about mango in Hindu scriptures. In one of the ancient myths, I am identified as the daughter of the sun god.

  6. According to the book A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food, the Portuguese were the first to cultivate mango. When they return, they collect the mango seeds and distribute them to different countries. This is how mango production started in the country and abroad.

  7. In the Mughal Empire, mango was allowed to be cultivated only in the gardens of the royal family. It is learned that Shah Jahan then allowed mango cultivation outside the royal family.

  8. It is also known that Jahangir was a big fan of mango.

  9. In ancient India, I was considered a symbol of prosperity. As a result, it is known from the writings of the traveler Hugh-N-Sang that the kings used to plant mango trees along the roadsides.

  10. The Persian poet Amir Khasru called me the best fruit in India.

  11. Mango is the national fruit of India-Pakistan and the Philippines.

Twelve facts about the mango that you don’t know

Source: NDTV Bangla


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