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Learn some really interesting facts about ants

Learn some really interesting facts about ants

The easiest way to learn Lieutenant spelling is to translate the word ‘lie you ten ants’ into English. Nah, I don’t want to give any false information about ants, but I want to tell you ten interesting facts about small animal ants. See how much information you know and how much is unknown!

1. Ants do not have ears

Ants like humans but no ears! So how do they hear? They have special sensing vibrations on their knees and legs. Through which they can understand the situation around them. Ants kneel again! Doesn’t it make you smile to think?

2. Possessing the largest brain

Ants have the largest brains among insects. They have about 250,000 more cells in their brains than any other animal.

3. Ants have two stomachs

We have one stomach in such a big body but ants have two stomachs in their small body!

4. Some ants cause asexual reproduction

There are some species of ants that do not need sexual reproduction to reproduce. They reproduce in a special cloning process. Fertilized eggs grow in the body of female ants and unfertilized eggs grow in the body of male ants.

5. Ants can make the largest colonies

It is thought that the largest colony of ants was about 3,600 miles away! This colony has passed over big countries like Italy, France, Spain. And this colony is made up of a species of ants from Argentina.

6. Everywhere

There are ants in almost all countries of the world. Only Antarctica and a few such places have no ants. Ants can develop in almost any ecosystem and they make up about 15-25% of the underground biomass.

The reason for their success is their social organization, ability to move quickly, logistics skills, and self-defense skills.

7. The biggest ant

The largest ants are usually 3 to 5 cm long. However, some of the ants that existed in the past were as long as 6 cm.

8. Divya may have survived the flood

We usually do not have water shelter to kill ants. But you will be surprised to know that the ants may have survived the divine flood. Ants breathe in a special process. They can hold their breath in very adverse conditions. Can even stay with the dive for a certain amount of time!

9. The ants are wise

Did you know that the Holy Bible calls ants wise? The Bible says, “You are lazy, but go to the ants. Consider his way, be wise ”. Ants are commonly used as examples of hard work and perseverance.

10. Self-defense by throwing acid

Some ants throw acid in self-defense! Some species of ants in the Amazon throw formic acid to protect themselves in adverse conditions!

You know some interesting facts about small animal ants. This information will surely come to mind when you see ants at home.

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Learn some really interesting facts about ants


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