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An event in history is the main mystery of the sinking of the Titanic!

An event in history is the main mystery of the sinking of the Titanic!

An incident took place in the history of the Atlantic Sea. There is a huge vessel of the ice shouting only as a result of the ice cream. Titanic is the mystery of drowning! In the early twenties of the twentieth century.

There is a new ship throughout the world. The ship is so big and strong that God will not sink this ship himself! (Nauzubillah) a leakage in the sea will not drown this ship! The ship’s name was given Titanic.

But the idea of ​​all the ideas in the wrong provision, on 14 April 1912, at 11:45 pm, the northern Atlantic sea drowning with an iceberg’s blue water with blue water in the sea.

The first journey again! 1,513 passengers died in the accident. Lucky 687 passengers lived in the lives of the passengers, but they had to travel to them in the next life.

The Titanic ship’s designer ‘Thomas Andu’ claimed that the Titanic would not be drowned any day. In fact, he did not speak loudly. The Titanic ship design has been done in such a way that all types of storms can be cheated in the sea.

But on the day that the Titanic was drowned, he was only 4 days old. The ship was not able to dive in life, the ship drowned only 4 days. Apparently, the Titanic diver with Azberg, but it was not possible to do any proper logical researcher. Ek for each kind of reason. As a result, this ship remains mysterious events.

Naming and construction information:

‘Titan’ was the strong god of Greek creation. This god was just created. According to his name, this ship was named ‘Titanic’. This is actually a short name of the ship. Its full name was ‘And MS Titanic’. ‘And MS’ means ‘Royal Mail Steamer’.
That is, the name of the whole ship was ‘Royal Mail Steamer Titanic’.

The construction of the Titanic ship was started in 1907. After five years of work continuously, the ship’s work was completed in 1912. Holland’s ‘White Star Line’ built this ship. The cost of 60 thousand tonnes and 275-meter length ship was $ 75 million. People could not even dream of building such a large ship.

The journey begins:

On April 10, 1912, the Titanic started its journey from New York to New York. At that time the total number of passengers on the Titanic was 2200 and hundreds of workers. It was very dangerous to go to America by traveling to the Atlantic Ocean from Britain. Living on behalf of the small ships, leaving life betting.

Because there was always a fear of marine storm-tidal surges. Yet so many passengers were passengers of Titanic to enjoy this traveling tour of the sea. The first class of Titanic was 3100 dollars. And the third grade was $ 32.

Here only to reach the destination and there was no matter of money. At that time, he fell in the whole world with the Titanic. So everyone wanted to witness himself in this historic journey of Titanic. When the Titanic ship leaves the port from the port, there was a huge public gathering in the port which is not in any political rallies.

Finally came the Mahendra. Titanic continued to go ahead with the Atlantic by playing Syria. The passengers of the ship went forward towards uncertain destinations, who forgot the world’s thoughts.

Everyone was going on in front of the 6-day journey of the scheduled 6th day in the environment. One day, two days, three days well, ship passengers

Titanic is the mystery of drowning! Days of Accident Days:

On 14th April, a ship called ‘Amerika’ from a ship from radio from the radio, there is a big iceberg on their journey.

Not only that, next to another ship named ‘Mesaba’, this same warning was sent to Titanic. Jack Philips and Harold Bridge were in charge of the Titanic radio communication. Two times this warning to both of them seem to be unnecessary.

So they did not send this warning to the original control center of the Titanic. Only 40 minutes before the Titanic accident, the radio operator of the Californian sip wanted to tell about Titanic with Titanic.

But Titanic’s radio operator tired Jack Peelips is angry with an angry “I spend the work with the Kipe Race and cut the line.” As a result, the radio operator of the Californian sep of the Californian seps goes to sleep and go to sleep. It is said that the titanic is drowned because of this stravery.

Reading in the accident:

Titanic has just entered the chest of the Atlantic. Atlantic’s temperature then dropped near zero degrees. Although the sky was clear, the moon was not seen in the sky. Titanic When the accident came closer to almost.

Then get the signal of Iceberg in front of the captain of the ship. Iceberg is a huge huge ice in the sea floating in the sea. The most terrible thing for them is that only one-third of them are above water.

That means, its big part is not seen. Then he took the speed of the ship slightly south. At that time, watching the Titanic’s ways to see that asburg directly in front of the Titanic, but then it’s too late.

Titanic First Officer Murdak ordered a sudden bend to the left and asked the ship to run completely opposite or close. Titanic could not save anymore. The right side of it continues to rub with Iceberg. As a result, the top 90 meters of Titanic arise.

The place where the Titanic ship drowned was ‘Great Banks of Newfoundland’.

Titanic could have been flown with four wealthy compartments. But the 5 compatells became a wave. These compartments can be somewhat khatka among many. I’m telling them. Suppose you have made a ship. His bottom is divided into four parts.

One of these four parties has been damaged in a shared accident and entered the water in the ship with it. If you stop that part in this situation, then the water in the ship can only be able to drink a computer. The remaining three compartments will float the ship is intact.

There were 12 gates for water resistance. The fate of fate shows the ship in such a place that the water-resistance to all the gates is disturbed. Titanic continued to slow down the water in the water.

Everyone in charge of shipping ships with Captain Smith may understand that Titanic will not even save. Captain Smith came to the center of the main control and completely closed the ship. Lifobats started to get down after 12 pm.

Every passenger goes to raise lifeboats to save his prana. But Life Boat was just 16. So Captain instructed – let the women and children come down before. The scene of leaving the face of his death was terrible.

An event in history is the main mystery of the sinking of the Titanic!

Part of the fate rams:

A remote zone light was seen from the Titanic control center, whose identity is still surrounded by history. Some people say that it was Californian again that someone was Sampson.

After getting any response to the Titanic, there is no response to the communication through the wardrobe, and at the end, the ship is attempted to contact the ship through emergency rockets, but the ship did not respond once.

Besides, no one could respond in the correct message that the message was sent from Titanic. Because there was no one near the nearest place. The most near the Titanic was ‘The Carpathia’ ship. However, it will take 4 hours to come to the Titanic from which they were at the distance.


Between 2 and 2:20 pm, the entire Titanic sank into the Atlantic. At the last moment of the sinking, the ship’s electrical connection was cut off. Which makes that environment even more heartbreaking.

When the Titanic sank, an hour and 40 minutes later, at 4:10 pm, a ship called The Carpathia arrived. He rescued those who were floating in the sea and left for New York around 8:30 in the morning.

Unreasonable reasons:

Many had the idea that there was no curse on the Titanic. They cited the Titanic number 390904 as one of the reasons for proving this argument.

Changing the side of its reflection in the water is no pope. It is also believed that the accident was caused by a collision with an iceberg initially and in most cases. But there are many other stories. The most talked-about story was reported by the Times on October 19, 1997.

According to him, there was a cursed mummy of an Egyptian princess on the Titanic. It is said that the Titanic collided with a floating iceberg because of the mummy’s curse.

The mystery of the sinking of the Titanic! Ruins found:

After a long 63 years, in 1975, a group of scientists started a mechanical search. The wreckage of the Titanic was found 13,000 meters below the surface of the place where the Titanic sank.

Robert Ballard, a French scientist, wanted to find the Titanic from a young age. When he grew up, he started doing that. The mystery could not be revealed even after the search. The English poet Shelley has expressed his views on the sinking of the legendary Titanic in his poem Ozymandias.

Thus – “the last signs of the arrogance of science and nature of the twentieth century are scattered under the bodies of sand, silt, and coral at the bottom of the sea.”

An event in history is the main mystery of the sinking of the Titanic!


Meanwhile, there is controversy over the Titanic and the Olympic ships. In fact, which ship sank in the accident that day. In 1999, 84-year-old Robin Gardiner of Oxford wrote his book, Titanic: The Ship that Never Sank? He claims that the Titanic never sank.

And his claims are very much in line with the testimony of the surviving passengers of the so-called Titanic. According to the surviving passengers, the logo of the sinking Titanic was different.

It does not match the Titanic in any way. According to Robin Gardner, the ship that sank on April 15, 1912, was another ship called the “Olympic”. So the question is, where are the 2200 passengers on the original Titanic? There is also further controversy that the Titanic sank not because of negligence, but because of the sailor’s mistake.

According to the decision of the secret meeting, the second officer of the Titanic has suppressed the real incident to the world. In the book, written by a relative of the second officer, he claims that so far it has been kept secret as a family secret.

According to the BBC, the novelist Lewis Pattern, the granddaughter of Charles Laitoller, the second officer of the Titanic, said in his new book that an officer turned the Titanic in the opposite direction instead of taking it away from the iceberg.

An event in history is the main mystery of the sinking of the Titanic!



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