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Do you know where it goes after using the toilet on the plane?

Do you know where it goes after using the toilet on the plane?

Get on the plane for the first time in your life? Don’t know how to use the plane bathroom. Where does your body waste material go on the plane? Do you think this question will be like children? Not at all.

This question lingers in the minds of not only children but also many adults, and it is not resolved. Not that the mall left by the passengers of the plane remains in the sky. Later it comes down to the ground due to gravity.

So where does this fecal urine go?

Long-distance flight. Everything from eating and drinking to sleep is on the plane. So the work of ‘lightening’ the body in a normal way has to be done in the plane.

But have you ever wondered where all the body waste from the passengers goes from the toilet of the plane?

Aircraft toilets are different from trains. There is a vacuum toilet. This toilet seat is a lot like a non-stick frying pan. As soon as it is flushed, everything disappears and the seat becomes dry. But where does it go?

Pressing the flush button immediately opens the mouth of the vacuum pipe attached to the toilet. Within seconds, the waste goes through that pipe and accumulates in the tail of the aircraft. After the aircraft reaches its destination, the aircraft is ’emptied’ there.

The ‘loss truck’ comes to take away all the stinking waste. A vacuum pipe is attached to the aircraft and all the waste is sent to the huge tank of the ‘loss truck’.

Then the ‘Honey Truck’ is taken away to recycle the waste.

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Do you know where it goes after using the toilet on the plane?


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