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Find out the story of the popular cartoon series Motu-Patlu

Find out the story of the popular cartoon series Motu-Patlu

Thick! Hearing the name, many people have a smile on their lips. Now I don’t know if there is any ridiculous incident of theirs, or the story of a strange campaign can be heard – Motu-Patlu is so funny and so popular. And why it will be popular or not!

He smiles when he sees the friendship between a fat man and a dry man. They do all the weird and funny things about him!

Made thick-thin for the Nickelodeon channel. This CGI animated cartoon series is not from a story, but from a comic strip. The achievement of that strip is Kripa Shankar Bharadwaj, the creator of Motu-Patlu.

That comic strip of the same name was printed in a comics magazine called Lotpot. This magazine with strange names is quite famous in India. The Mayapuri Group first published this magazine in 1989. The magazine has been coming out regularly since then.

Stay away from any breaks, the magazine that started as a fortnightly later started to come out more and more every week. Another comic strip of the magazine, of course, is already very popular in our country – Uncle Chowdhury.

Of course, there are some differences between that comic strip and the cartoon Motu-Patlu. For example, in the comic strip, they were two brothers. And in the cartoon, they have become friends of two souls. The characters Chela Ram, Dhela Ram, and Anguthananda have become Brahmins.

This cartoon series is directed by Suhas Kedar. And Creative Director. This means that Ranjoy Chakraborty has led in the drawing. The cartoon song is composed by Sandesh Sandilya and sung by Sukhinder Singh.

Find out the story of the popular cartoon series Motu-Patlu

Motu-Patlu made his debut as a cartoon from the comic strip in 2012. The first episode of Motu-Patlu, ‘John Banega Dawn’, was aired on Nickelodeon on October 16 of that year. Since then, Motu-Patlu’s new season has debuted every year.

So far, a total of 206 episodes of Motu-Patlu have been aired in four seasons in four years. Although the cartoon was originally made in Hindi, it has been released in six more languages ​​- Bengali, English, Tamil, Telugu, Sinhalese, and Indonesian.

According to the animation, the most serious work in the cartoon was done by the creative team. The actors didn’t have to act, they just did the job with their voices.

Sourav Chakraborty has given voice to most of them. He has given voice alone to Motu-Patlu, Ghaseti Ram, Chingam, and John. Ami Sharma gave voice. Shake. Karan Trivedi gave Hera and Ferry, Sankalp Rastogi gave Chawla. And Number One and Renu Sharda have given their voices for Sabjiwali.

Brian de Costa was the number one tour in the first two seasons. Raja has replaced him in the next two seasons.

Find out the story of the popular cartoon series Motu-Patlu


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