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Surprising information, how far the aircraft goes per liter

how far the aircraft goes per liter

You need to go from one place to another by car or bike with diesel or petrol.

But the aircraft is filled with aviation fuel, jet fuel, aviation gas line, bio fuel, these are different types of fuel. What type of engine is fitted in the aircraft and how it flies at altitude. No fuel will be given depending on it.

I am talking about Boeing-747. Here kerosene oil is used as fuel. The freezing point is from minus 40 degrees to minus 48 degrees Celsius.

And because of this, it does not freeze at high altitudes. If we talk about Boeing-747 or 8, it burns four liters of oil every second. It consumes four liters of fuel per second.

The aircraft will need 12 liters of oil to cover a distance of one kilometer. One of the major advantages of this is that it can travel with 465 passengers at a time.

If we find out the fuel congestion of each passenger.
However, for a passenger to go one kilometer, zero point zero four liters of oil will be required. If the flight is ten hours long.

However, the aircraft will need one lakh 50 thousand liters of oil.

how far the aircraft goes per liter



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