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You will be surprised to know how to make the most delicious coffee

You will be surprised to know how to make the most delicious coffee

The most expensive coffee in the world is made from animal waste. Are you surprised to hear? It is, of course, a matter of surprise.

Because when animals eat coffee fruit, they can digest the fruit but they cannot digest the grain in any way. So these granules come out with their breakfast. Delicious coffee is made by collecting the grains from there.

Civet coffee

The only way to make this coffee is to rely on an animal. Whose name is Civet? The civet is a small animal. Which is commonly found in the jungles of Asia and Africa. They eat the fruit and digest it but cannot digest the grain.

Then this coffee bean comes out with their breakfast. Coffee growers collect their breakfast in the forest.

Their breakfast is sold in the market for about 3 thousand dollars. But the number of these animals is very low in the world. As a result, this coffee is compared to red diamonds.

Black ivory coffee

Black ivory coffee is made with elephant breakfast. But even if the elephant is easily found, the price of this coffee is quite high. Because, after eating the fruit of this coffee, it takes about 16 hours for the elephant to wake up in the morning. Which is the price of this coffee.

First, the elephant has to eat this fruit. Then the elephant digests the fruit. Then go and do the elephant in the morning. About 440 pounds of this coffee is available every year. To get 1 kg of coffee, the elephant has to eat about 33 kg of fruit. The price of coffee goes up because of all these processes.

Blake Dinkin, a Canadian gentleman, first rescued the coffee from the elephant’s mouth. He said that the elephant could only digest the fruit and take out the grain.

You will be surprised to know how to make the most delicious coffee


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