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Five Misconceptions About Smartphone Charging

Five Misconceptions About Smartphone Charging

Think of 2002! All the proof-size mobile phones were in everyone’s hands then. And the battery of those phones could not be less in size. That lithium battery was the lifeblood of mobile phones. These batteries had to be kept very carefully. In many cases, the battery swells or explodes. Five Misconceptions About Smartphone Charging

Many misconceptions have been created from the various problems of the battery. Some of which may have been true in the era of the Nokia 3310 model, but in this era, those ideas are completely wrong. Because, as the smartphone has improved, so has its core power battery. reports some common misconceptions about smartphone batteries:

1. Close the background app to save charge

The background app doesn’t charge as much as people would expect. It will not affect your total battery life. But if you want to hold your battery to a ‘last point’ charge, you can turn off the background app. But to save the charge, you can change the refresh settings instead of closing the background app. The charge can be held for a long time. Refreshing apps too often can waste your battery charge.

2. Charge only with your phone charger

Charging your smartphone with a charger other than a charger does not damage the battery. Another charger will have an effect on your battery life. The battery of the phone may be full of time depending on the charger. However, if you can charge with any other device except the smartphone charger, there may be a risk. In that case, voltage and current flow may vary.

3. Charging all night will damage the battery

This applies to old-fashioned phone batteries. After a 100 percent charge on those batteries, the extra charge could damage the battery or the phone, or both. However, most of the smartphone batteries of this era follow a new technology, which is called the ‘trickle battery’.

With this technology, whenever the battery is 80 percent charged, the electric current is automatically reduced. And when the charge is 100%, the flow of electricity is completely stopped. From that point on, it won’t hurt much to fall asleep with your smartphone charged.

4. Phone cannot be used while charging

There is no problem in using the phone while charging. Just as it won’t hurt you, it won’t hurt your battery or your smartphone.

5. Phone must be charged before first use

The first thing to do after opening the box of the smartphone is charge! Many people have heard such words many times. But to be honest, like the smartphone, the battery of the smartphone has no memory. As a first-second so the battery never does. And for the first time, with a few hours of charge, you can not increase the life of your battery.

It may ask you to connect to the charger when the phone is turned on for the first time. But this is just a formality.

Five Misconceptions About Smartphone Charging



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