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Tips to Reduce Internet Consumption on Smartphones

Tips to Reduce Internet Consumption on Smartphones

Your smartphone must have high internet costs. At least a few times more than the old Java phone. Almost the same as a computer! Almost all smartphone users use the 3G network. Tips to Reduce Internet Consumption on Smartphones

The higher the speed of the net, the higher the cost. For many, it is not possible to pay this huge amount of net bill. Where there is a problem, there must be some way to solve it. So let’s find out some ways to reduce your net costs.

1. Data Restriction:

Many people do not know that your data is being spent even when you are not using the smartphone but keep the data on! Yes, that’s right. Most of the apps on your Android phone use background data to keep the e-service running. Such as WhatsApp, Viber, Play Store, Google Apps, Messenger etc. These apps cut data unnecessarily while you do other things. To avoid this, go to your Settings option Data Usage> then tick Restrict Background Data Options. Will show an exclamation mark in your notification bar. This means that apps can no longer steal data in the background.

2. Just keep the necessary apps running:

Since you use a smartphone, you must be using one or more instant messaging apps based on the Internet. This may include an app that needs to be kept running at all times. If you turn off background data, all apps will be turned off in the background together. To avoid this problem, go to Settings> Data Usage and see all the apps. You can also see how much data an app is consuming. Now take a moment to click on the apps and log in and remove the rest of the apps you need to keep running.

3. Using Data Saving Apps:

There are some apps that allow you to browse at a very low data cost. For example, Opera Mini, Opera New, UC Browser have data saving modes. By using this mode you can save up to 70% on browsing costs. Choose the right app for instant messaging. For example, in the case of voice calling, the data cost in WhatsApp is very low. So make the right decision.

4. Using security apps:

You can also reduce data costs by using different security apps. These apps let you know which apps are stealing your data. They will not be able to access data without your permission through settings. There are various apps like CM Security, 360 Security, etc. in the Play Store. In addition to data protection by these apps, you will be protected from viruses and hacking.

5. Data settings:

There are some settings that are important to use when using your phone for the internet. For example, your smartphone can be used as a WiFi hotspot. Some WiFi-based apps, such as Share It, often turn on the hotspot without your knowledge. This will allow someone else to use your data without your knowledge. Even using a WiFi network can hack your smartphone. Check everything in that case. Use the password on the hotspot. And of course, turn off your data connection after use if not needed.

Tips to Reduce Internet Consumption on Smartphones


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