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Don’t keep your mobile unlocked for that reason

Don’t keep your mobile unlocked for that reason

Everything can be done on mobile or smartphone nowadays, just as it is true that a lot of your information can be passed on to others through mobile. So the mobile phone should not be kept anywhere in the ‘unlocked’ state, mobile unlocked reason


If your unlocked phone is in someone else’s hands, they can see a lot of things The person may find out about your Internet usage habits, what you are searching for on Google at night, or how often you search for your name on the Internet, which may embarrass you. Personal matters are better if they are private, right?

Your phone, someone else’s call

It appears that your friend or colleague is making a mistake or knowingly calling somewhere with your unlocked phone. And if that phone is just for gossip, then how do you feel?

What are you talking about?

You don’t have to enter your password again and again to access Facebook and Twitter Going to someone else’s phone means free access to all your social media And if it is the person to whom the phone is in his name, you may have written something on Facebook Messenger Wondering where the relationship will end then?

Whose message will come when

Who knows what would happen if a friend or colleague received a text message while the phone was still private? Better a poor horse than no horse at all

Mobile shopping

Nowadays it is very easy to shop using a smartphone There is also a risk of financial loss if your mobile phone is unlocked. So if you want to be safe, always keep the phone locked

Don’t keep your mobile unlocked for that reason



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