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Your Android Phone Is Going Slow! Find out the solution

Your Android Phone Is Going Slow! Find out the solution

Nowadays many people are heard to complain that their phones are working slowly even though the phones are powerful enough. So today’s event is about 5 effective methods that will increase the speed of your Android.

It is best to delete apps that you are not using. Keep mobile storage clean.

You can delete all unnecessary images, sound clips, zip files, etc.

Keep cached data clean as these not only waste space but also cause strange behavior of different apps.

Keep an eye on your SD card; If you use a slow SD card, it will slow down your device. An easy way is to keep all the data copies of your SD card on the computer and format the SD card on the mobile. It is expected that the speed of the SD card will increase a little.

If all of the above fails, use the device’s factory reset option, which will restore your phone to its original state. However, it should be noted that before doing this, you must keep a backup of the contents of the phone.

Android Phone Is Going Slow


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