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Five important tips for the phone

Five important tips for the phone

1. Emergency: If it happens that we are out of network coverage and no

If you can’t find the net, 112 is the emergency number for all phones.

Useful, according to the information received, it works by pressing it, it will find the nearest established network for you and connect you to the emergency number of that operator. Now everyone is in net coverage, right? Dial now and see if you dial the number will not show Emergency

2. Unlocking the car: If you have a remote-controlled lock system in your car and suppose you accidentally put the key in the car one day and locked the door and there is no other way to open the door, then you can unlock it with your mobile. And that’s why you must have another remote-controlled key, but it will work even if you do not have it. Suppose the second key is at home, then call someone at home and hold the mobile one foot away from the door lock of the car. Now tell the person on the other end of the phone to hold the mobile and press the unlock button of your remote key. I hope it will work. Give it a try.

3. You don’t know what to do – especially on all Nokia phones

Effective. At different times, our phone’s voice clarity suddenly decreases,

You can increase the voice clarity in case it is unclear if everything is fine

Pressing the code: * 3370 # Mobile phones usually reserve some charges

The code usually enhances the performance of the phone by using that charge, but it is not advisable to leave this code running as it weakens the battery.

So keep it off by pressing # 3370 # after use.

4. If the phone is stolen:

These tips may not be able to recover your phone, but the person who took your phone can no longer use it. And can’t even sell. So teach the thief a lesson like this: Now press * # 06 # then a serial code number will show up and write it down somewhere. If the phone is stolen, go to your service provider or the phone company’s corner customer care center and tell the story with this number. They will make the phone useless. Then, whenever the thief inserts a new corner SIM, the diameter phone will die forever.

5. Mobile should be verified at the time of purchase

* # 92702689 # By pressing this code you will see the serial number of the phone when it was made

Whether the phone is the latest, the date of purchase if someone has used it before

Will show, if the phone is repaired, will show its details, if not repaired will show 0000, will show if any data has been transferred from the phone. And to get out of this information, the phone has to be restarted. I don’t know if it works on current smartphones but it works on Nokia’s previous handsets.

Five important tips for the phone, Five important tips for the phone



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