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Do you know the work of these secret codes of mobile phone?

 secret codes of mobile phones

The mobile phone was once considered as a mere technology besides talking. But now the mobile phone is no longer just a telephony but it is being used as a daily necessity. secret codes of mobile phone

According to a New York Times report, the mobile phone has become more important to the people of developing countries than it is to the wealthy.

But very few people know all the details of our mobile phones. There are some secret codes in our wireless conversations that we never think about.

Let’s find out the necessary codes for mobile phones:

1) Outgoing call secret: # 31 # All outgoing calls will be secret if iPhone customers enter this code. The person you call will not see your number. The Android customer code is # 31 # “phone number”.

2) Outgoing call block: * 33 * # If you enter this code, all outgoing calls from your phone will be blocked. That means only the phone will come. You will not receive any calls from this phone. You can restart it with # 33 * pin #. This also applies to the iPhone.

3) To fix the communication: Is the communication of your phone too bad? Then press * 3370 # this code which will help you in communication. This code activates the EFR coding system of the phone. Increases the communication capacity of the phone. Applicable to iPhone.

4) To know IMEI information: Many of us know this code. * # 06 #: Code for Android customers. The IMEI information of the mobile can be known by applying this code.

5) To know all the details: * # * # 4636 # * # * If you apply this code, Android customers will be able to know the Wi-Fi signal and battery information of the mobile.

6) Factory setting: * # * # 7780 # * # * Applicable to Android phones. This code will take the phone back to factory settings. That is, the setting that was at the time of purchase, will be. You can use this code to reshape your mobile.

secret codes of mobile phone


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