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How to Five fun things that can be done with a smartphone

How to Five fun things that can be done with a smartphone

Smartphone technology has improved a lot in the last 10 years. And in this trend of development, something is going to be done with smartphones, which could not have been imagined before. There are some interesting works in this article. Fox News reported the matter in a report.

1. Drones and toy control

Several remote control cars are now available in the market. There are also remote control aircraft or small drones. Many of these can now be run on smartphones. In addition to controlling some toys with a smartphone, it is also possible to watch live videos with them.

2. Home theater

Wireless technology is now used in modern home theaters used to listen to music. And smartphone apps are also being created to compete with this technology. The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone has an IR transmitter, which is used as a universal remote control. It can control some home theaters. There are also some home theaters that use WiFi. These can be controlled with the smartphone app.

3. Home automation

Smartphone apps are used to control automatic or digital devices used at home. These devices include modern refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and lights connected to smart technology. This means you can control these apps from anywhere in the house.

4. The car

Smartphones are being used to control car temperatures and other factors in cold countries. In this case, it is a popular task to turn on the heat control system using the smartphone app shortly before entering the car.

5. Security cameras

The smartphone app is used to control CCTV and similar cameras used for security purposes. Several such smart IP cameras are available in the market. Using these, security surveillance is now much easier than before.

Five fun things that can be done with a smartphone



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