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How to Share your location with your friends .. !!

Share your location with your friends

We always have to go to unfamiliar places and meet people in our specific and family. There are times when he has gone or will go but he does not know anything about that place.

But there you have to meet your close friends or family. If you have this problem, you can use Google Maps on your phone to get to where you are. You can share the location of that place or your close friends or family members can share the location with you and you can go to your specific place very easily through this location sharing. (This post is for newcomers only and those who know it don’t need to go down anymore. Thanks)

So get started with how you or your close friends or family will determine with the help of Google Maps.

First, you need to turn on the location on the phone.

You have to enter its Map app.

Now click here.

Now click on Location Share.

Then click here.

Then set the time by clicking on +. He is sharing your location with you for how many hours. And decide which way to send the link to your location share.

To whom you sent the link to share your location. He will see a link like this. And he also has to turn on his location and click on the link.

Then where are you or where are your close friends or family? That place can be seen. !!

This is how to share the location.



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