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How to Make the old phone a CCTV camera

How to Make the old phone a CCTV camera

In the world of smartphones, old mobiles are no longer used. Again, in the life of technology, we always forget about the real thief for fear of hacking and phishing. You can use the old discarded phone as a security camera to ensure the safety of the house. Learn the methods. old phone camera to CCTV

The old phone CCTV camera

1. First of all you need a phone. The camera should be good even if everything is broken. Keep the camera of the mobile on the place you want to see outside the house. Yes, it has become a security camera.

2. Those who use Android can use the app called https: // Id = com.mantishrimp.salienteye & hl = en] ‘Salien Eye’ . Great working app. It will capture any movement in your camera frame and send it by message. With Wi-Fi, you can easily see the message on the phone at hand.

3. You can get more benefits with a new or old iPhone. The iPhone has the same app as ‘Silent Eye’. The app will record the movement of the camera.

4. If you want to increase the scope of security, it will not work much with mobile. Because a certain range will be captured in the camera of the mobile. CC cameras will be needed to see further away.

How to Make the old phone a CCTV camera

Nokia 5.4 | Android 10 | US Version | 4/128GB | 48MP Quad Camera
Source: Fox News


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