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Secure the numbers before losing your mobile

Secure the numbers before losing your mobile

Protect numbers before losing your mobile

Protect numbers before losing a mobile phone It is a common thing to lose, steal or snatch a mobile phone. In this situation, buying new mobiles, new SIMs, and collecting numbers is a lot of trouble. Secure numbers losing mobile

Many may keep backups in exchange for money at the SIM company. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. In this case, you have to save the numbers only once with difficulty (the subject may be known to many, but I am still writing).

1. First you need to open an account in Gmail.

2. Login to the account and click on Gmail.

3. Click on the Contacts tab between the 3 tabs here. In this case, a new Contacts tab will be opened.

4. Click Add new contacts at the bottom right.

5. Enter the name and click Create

6. Now input your number in the Phone field. To input more than one number here, just click on Add Phone to increase the field.

7. Save when input. Now turn on the internet on the mobile phone and log out of the Play Store with the ID in which you have saved the name and number and then open the Phonebook tab and just set the Google account in the settings. Wait a minute and check. Thus I have saved many names and numbers.

If I need to save a new number, I save it in Gmail and get it on my mobile phonebook in a while. Thank you all.

Secure numbers losing mobile


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