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What to do if you forget the pattern lock of the handset!

What to do if you forget the pattern lock of the handset!

Most handset manufacturers now focus on security. This is why different types of passwords can be used to secure the handset. But what if you forget the phone password? forget the pattern lock of the handset

This is the pattern lock being used for passwords like Android phones. You will know your pattern lock. But if ever it happens that the pattern lock is forgotten. Can’t remember even after trying hard. What to do then? Even if you forget the pattern lock, there is a method by which you can easily open the lock …..

1) First switch off your phone.

2) At the same time press the volume button, power button, and home screen button of the phone.

3) Now you will see 5 options on the screen.

i) Reboot data.

ii) Wipe data/factory reset.

iii) Install update.

iv) Power down.

v) Advance option.

4) Now select the Wipe data/factory reset option in these 5 options. Then press yes. However, after selecting yes, all the data on your phone will be deleted. So always keep a backup, so that you do not lose any important information in such a situation.

5) Now your phone will restart automatically. After restarting you can use your phone again as before. And be able to give new pattern locks.



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